Core Values

Nicola’s success is based on a commitment to her principles and values. These are consistent in her work whether that be with clients, partners, associates or other affiliations. Clients who work with thiNKnow will experience these in the relationship that they have with us and the way in which we undertake our work.

  • Fairness is important; we will always be honest and open in our dealings with others.
  • It’s really important not only to do the right thing but to also do it in the right way; we will always strive to uphold this.
  • No person is more or less valuable than another; we will act in ways that recognise this and we will challenge discrimination and injustice.
  • We know from experience that success is more likely when people collaborate rather than compete or act in isolation. We consider our contracts with clients to be collaborative relationships and we also collaborate with others to benefit our clients. We support others to achieve their goals in addition to inviting them to support us.
  • A happy client is what we seek. We will help you, from the outside-in, to achieve your goal.