Charities and Arts

Here at thiNKnow we like to do our bit more widely.  We recognise that standard rates for high quality consultancy support is often out of reach of charities and arts organisations. We try and help in small ways.  We always offer a discount on our standard rates when working with charities but we know that even this is often not enough.  We do sometimes do pro bono work- its always worth asking!  We can’t always help but we might know someone who can.  Here are some of the organisations we have supported recently


We had great fun in July 2018 with the trustees and senior management team from the Octagon Theatre when we facilitated an away-day for them.  Trustees really enjoyed thinking about their role and how to brink their knowledge and skills to the board table with best effect.  They especially enjoyed the work we did in crafting powerful questions.




logo-1124598437We are currently working with Sahir House;  a charity that offers HIV support, information and training in Merseyside.  We are helping them to strengthen their governance arrangements and are providing some training to trustees to help them focus on the really important aspects of their role.



ddd78531482b467db34a9d1dacfb5521Sometimes all an organisation needs is a fresh pair of eyes.  We recently helped the team at Oldham Coliseum Theatre with their change and transition plan.  In this instance they just needed a little bit of outside help to bring together all of the very complex information they had gathered and to organise it in a way that was going to be most helpful for their funders.



thiNKnow directors also have a keen interest in music and are very proud to be patrons of the Gesualdo Six , a young male vocal sextet directed by Owain Park.  They give concerts regularly in all areas of the country and if you’d like to join us at one of their concerts as our guest, please do get in touch.  The G6 are keen to hear from other individuals and businesses who are able to offer support too.